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new yorkers can see starlight tonight

I've been using Google News to search on the power issues that have been plaguing our friends in the northeast. This story from ABC News off the A.P. wire absolutely struck me as amazing and caused me to do some serious pondering. Tonight is a night in a thousand. New Yorkers can actually see the stars in the middle of Manhattan. There's supposed to be a picture of this in the story but of course I can't see it so you'll have to comment on what you think.

It is amazing how much we depend on power, how much it locks things up when it goes down. I don't know if its sad, but it just *is. 50 million people have supposedly lost power, thats about 16% of the country's population, that's amazing. Of course I don't know what I'd do without power, I wouldn't be posting on this lj, but have we really progressed? This blackout makes me wonder if the 19th century when candles and lanterns ruled and the quill and jar of ink were the lj's of the day.

I was very interested at 4:02 when I was looking at stocks and finances. I thought that maybe the markets had closed but wasn't for absolute sure. The clock just stopped, tickers weren't moving at all. Luckily power was lost right as market close but didn't check the news wires to ascertain what the problem was. Lots of people aren't posting on lj from the effected areas but it will be interesting to read the northeasts perspective on the issues. If you can, rather or not you're in new york or not, go outside, look at the stars, and realize what it might be like without the artificial light that is our lives in a technological society.
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