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I've been categorizing and organizing this afternoon for the show. I'm not exactly sure why but I am.

I came up with a hilarious ad which I posted to the various lists in hopes that I can get some listeners. Check it out. And no, I'm not on drugs.

Today's hilarious haiku:

you feel that i'm just
confused.i'm sure i'll write
lots more about that

and finally,

and she wishes she had
a kickass sandwich last night
i totally couldn't

You would normally think that I'd say tune it in, turn it on. You'd think
that this was just a normal culture Beat. But its not.

Why you say? What's this Culture Beat? What are ***all*** these people
talking about from coffee shop to cabaret?

Well, I've been inspired by the northeast blackout into bringing you the
plugged in, tuned out Culture Beat. This show's dedicated to you guys in
the northeast who have absolutely no power Of course, I'm in Arkansas and
we had no interruptions so I have no idea what I'm talking about but I do
understand voltages, resistances, and current, and I know what I can do to
the delicately composed. This one goes out to those who want to listen to
my show yet have no internet, and ... no lives.

If you're in the northeast and have no power, please follow these simple
instructions to listen to this complex show. Note: Acb Radio Interactive
can not be responsible for your actions. We're just responsible for making
you listen.

1. Go to your cupboard and find a rather rotten and slimy potato.
2. Rip out of your useless wall outlets (provided your electricity is off),
a couple stray wires and stick them into your potato.
3. Plug the other ends of the wires into your computer.

You should automatically be able to, at 1 utc that's 9 eastern, 8 central,
able to listen to the Culture Beat show. We here at the Culture Beat show
don't really know why but our music is *so* far out there that we guarantee
that your potato will produce enough power coupled with of course your will
and need to listen to the show, to not only power your computer, but also
power the internet within a 100 foot radius of your house so you can
telepathically connect to ACB Radio Interactive at

Why ner, should I connect up my potato, turn on my computer, and
listen? Well ... erm ... I'm not sure actually. You see the thing is, we
play such a diverse amount of music that from one minute to the next you
could be spaced out by some spacey newage music, remember your potato(which
should be by now connected to your computer) with Irish music from the
potato famine, rock out to some eerie grunge music from Africa, and cha cha
to the complex rhythms of Brazil.

So, forget about your plights wherever you are, throw away your
inhibitions, grab a beer or a cup of tea, and tune in so you can tune out
your brains.

In easy to understand terms here's the quick and simple facts because I'm
sure your Uninterruptable power supplies are sure to go out any minute
now. Time: Saturday morning 1 to 4 utc friday evening U.S. The place: Acb
Radio Interactive
The show: Culture
Beat. The preferred method of connection: Potato, connect, click.
For further schedule details check out the interactive website for your
local times, and join me. Its an experience you won't want to miss, so
tune in, or else :).

More later.

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