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talk about itchy trigger fingers

Don't ever trust an instant messenger to deliver your message. I just about started world war III with this message barrage. Here's the backgroudn then I'll post the very short convo, luckily I fixed it before it got out of line.

Me and Jeff, web guy, have been getting along quite well. I've been offering suggestions on the web thing which is going smashingly. Yesterday he implemented this access level controller thing which means that basically administrators can view certain parts of the site rather than having to go to like four billion different locations to find what you wanted. So he sent this message to the list asking for feedback, no one has sent feedback. Here's our exchange.

Never give out your password or credit card number in an instant message conversation.

ner says:
man, absolutely no one's commented on our changes
Jeff and UltraHost.US provides customer care extraordinaire! says:
Our changes? I'm sure this isn't going to come out the way I mean it, but I feel a little bit slighted when you phrase things that way since I made the changes. I've put a lot of work in this project so far and I'd like to be recognized for it. I feel slightly resentful when you attempt to take credit in that way.
Jeff and UltraHost.US provides customer care extraordinaire! says:
Again, I'm not really upset, but I think you should be aware of how your phrasing comes across.
ner says:
I didn't mean it that way man, I wrote our and missed the y, a typo
ner says:
Jeff and UltraHost.US provides customer care extraordinaire! says:
I realize you've praised me on the list and I do appreciate that, so don't take this offensively. It just hit me sort of wrong.
ner says:
typo man
Jeff and UltraHost.US provides customer care extraordinaire! says:
Heheh, ok. Sorry about that. things like that can happen and as we've discussed, messaging like this is prone to misunderstandings. Again, sorry for misunderstanding you on this one.
ner says:
no prob man, here's the deal man. I have a wireless keyboard. Thanks for pointing it out to me but it starts dropping letters when the batteries get low
ner says:
guess I should go and find some AA's?

hahahahaha. Amusing stuff. All that madness from one letter typo. Very funny how these messages get translated and interpreted wrongly when you send them. If only we, as internet users, could talk voice more of the time, misunderstandings can just be magnified like ten billion percent on msn or by text. HOw funny. I can't imagine how many of these mistnderstandings could happen when using SMS or Text Messenging on the cel phone :).
The moral of the story:
Don't piss off Jeff.
Make sure your batteries are fully cahrged in all situations.
and again:
Don't piss off Jeff :). Enough said, have fun out there.

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