Ner (djner) wrote,

Listening to the The Arkansas Twisters arena football game. Its always exciting to listen to an A.F. game, so much scoring and so much action, its great. The Twisters are an Arena Football 2 team, which means they're like minor leagues. So the broadcasting of it is even kind of dodge. Classic, they're playing at Tulsa, and when something happened that was against Tulsa, they panned to the crowd and were about to turn on the mic for the officials, and we heard clear as day "God Damni!!!!!!!" And this was on th PAX channel :). Its a very competitive game; twisters win, they go to the playoffs.

Nothing much has happened today except being annoyed by my stupid sound card drivers. I can't find my sound card cd, so I asked someone with ACB Radio if they had it, so now I ahve the Swedish version of the drivers. I hope I can understand what I'm doing :P.

LJ has been so extremely quiet lately. I'm not sure the reason, but I've got mayb 63 people on my friends list and like I can read through my friends entries in 10 minutes.

The show ended up quite well last night, few people talked to me but that's ok. No show tonight as no one was on either the KXUA address or the person that I thought was going to help me out. That's ok, I'm tired again as my dad came in this morning at 6 to play cards on the computer. True, I fell back asleep, but I'm just generally tired. I actually don't know if I'm typing correctly, my fingers just aren't moving too quickly. I better not talk to Jeff eh? More later.


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