Ner (djner) wrote,

I'm going to be ready to get back to school where I'll have a desk to sit at and somewhere to rest my wrists. THey are hurting at the moment and I hope its not a start of carple tunnel.

I tried to write an entry a bit abo and my computer restarted by itself for some odd reason; I have no idea why but I know its not the stupid Blaster worm.

I haven't been doing much lately, just been chatting on various messengers as usual :), and enjoying it. It does cause me to worry about school though and how it will be when I get back. I don't have many really good friends there though I know just from my experiences with meeting people on lj that I don't and shouldn't have a problem in finding people to b my friend. I have met so many cool people over the past week that I know I'll keep in contact with while I'm there, but I want some friends that I can actually be with, and it'd also be nice to find a girlfriend that I get along with well. I suppose I should say not "get along well with", that sounds like me saying "I hope I can find a desktop system which I can work with". I mean I want to find someone who lives close, that I have a lot in common with, and who sees me for who I am. I'm not opposed to long distance relationships, but either way, short or long distance, its gotta be with the right person.

Anyway, off my tangent. Meeting friends. I suppose I can start by joining clubs. Most of my friends that I have had before and even the people who worked with me when KXUA started are all gone. I just keep getting hurt and its difficult because I miss everyone. I came back last semester from Australia kind of like I was a freshman again, it'd been so long since I had been back to the Uni of Arkansas. Then I fell a month after school started, so this semester I'm back to square one once again.

Chris and Denna, my best friends will be there, and I'll always have you lj buds, but I'm just so worried. I knew this would happen, but hell, I was hoping that I could just blissfully go off to the Uni and ... well, not worry. I'm made of worry though so I guess I should have suspected it.

In other news, I'm now managing polls on ACB Radio Interactive. I call myself the Poll master, though when I mentioned on Ventrilo "have you seen my pole lately?" people thought it was funny. Yeah m=man, my pole rocks man, check out the pole or something. The polls before have stayed up there for weeks at a time, so I intend to update it more, I'm all for dynamic stuff. An oh yeah, make sure if you go to the poll, consider option 7. Am I weird?

I made a promo finally today. It rocks, I think, though the levels may be a bit wrong on it. It can be downloaded Here. It may sound simplistic, but at the beginning, I've mixed several short bits from about seven songs to produce what I think is kind of a musical collage. I plan on making more promos to illustrate more what I play but this one is a start.

Well, I suppose I'll go and relax my wrists. All will be ok here soon I hope, once I get up there, it'll be all good. I did get my list of things to take up done which is a bonus. More later.

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