Ner (djner) wrote,

Welcome to Gregson Lodge, please take a number

Well, I'm currently typing on chris's ghetto computer with the ghetto computer on the modem due to the network being totally unavailable. I'm starting to think that the person who said that it would be fixed real now down at housing must be on some form of crack.

Computer is workin perfectly in my room though, all clothes are unpacked and put away, a first for me, and everything's all put away until i have to move out of this place.

The subject of this entry pertains to how me and controlg have been feeling upon returning to Gregson (what ist replacin the one we've had for about two years now. Although she is new and I do give her credit for being new, it feels like she doesn't even think that we've actually ever lived here.

Your room number is 110 and your phone number is blah. Want me to write that down for you. Oh yes, I'll get your mail for you and leave it at the desk, sure I will.

I want Barbara back damnit.

I'm really hoping that I'll be able to start meeting new people. Gregson is a upper classman drom so it tends to be very quiet and thus very boring. Must find excitement somewhere. Well, I'll write back real soon now, when the network gets fixed.

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