Ner (djner) wrote,

You'll all be happy to know that (a) I got free pizza and (b) I'm not joining the navy. Although the Navy guy did tell me about Mr. Bob who lost both of his legs in a explosive ordinance accident and still was in the Navy and also said "yeah, let's do it, join the Navy, be the first." I don't think so. All exciting.

I'm sitting here contemplating going to bed early tonight or going downstairs to research styrene. I don't even know if they have the proper stupid research software but who knows. I still lack network access so who knows what I'll do. I took a nap earlier today but I'm still tired, I suppose my body's probably telling me something.

Well suppose I'll get out of here and end this absolutely boring entry. I really don't want to read statics and don't technically have to read statics but I'm feeling an urge to do ut. Whats wrong with me? More later

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