Ner (djner) wrote,

computer madness

I'm sitting here in the illustrious ELC at the computer that's designated the disabilities machine. I seem to be finding all of the erros I can find I've found out a process for making styrene and some web addresses which I will look into later and type up, but I've already found lots of erros with the main computing services machine makingit impossible to copy files to my directory. I suppose I could have brought a disk down but I didn't so now they're scrambling down at computing services to fix things. I swear, everything seems to break the first week of school.

The chairs are comfortable and I'm away to the sollace of study away from AOL Instant messenger and the like so I am glad that I can get work done. I could always just shut the thing down, but oh well, this is a change of environment and its cool. More later I'm sure when it comes to mind.
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