Ner (djner) wrote,

Its angry days like these, days which the sy pores down rain like a leaky sieve that put me on edge. I'm happy that I have a coffee maker in the room so I can warm my wet exterior from the inside out. I made it to class albeit late. I went outside to take Fiona out only to realize how hard it was raining. I tuck my head out the door and like a turtle, pulled it in really quick into the theoretical shell. Grabbed my raincoat and caught a call from the CSD telling me taht they were acttually going to come and pick me up, in a car, so I took Fiona out in a raincoat this time. I'm sure she doesn't appreciate the rain, I wouldn't either if I had fur.

I came back here after a good class. I'm very reassured that he is going to do all that is necessary to accommodate me in cluding having the shop build a building set for chemical engineering. He decribes it as a chemical engineering lego set which I'm all a fan of, especially if they're going to build it. I'm going to have to figure out how I'm going to do graphical computer modelling but that won't be too hard with some help. He's going to make me do as much as I can possibly do, so I'm thankful.

I axed off all the to-do items on my list for today except for my assignment. Because of certain happenings last night I wasn't able to get a train of thought to complete it. So after I send off this entry I'm going to dash something down. I'm not too concerned really, especially since its due at 5 this afternoon. So that said I suppose I should go and do it. More later and stay dry.

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