Ner (djner) wrote,

The thought of going to Brough this morning saddens me. I'm not looking forward to the weekend selection which is usually pretty scattered but with labor day, its even more scattered and very close to zilch now. I will go though because really there's not much else around to eat but the lovely Brough. Oh well, so i life.

Had Thai food yet again last night and it was good. I had the Thai barbecue chicken and it wasn't as good as my yellow curry I had for my birthday. I always liked getting this chicken the same stuff I had last night in Australia. It just wasn't the same, I suppose if it would have been less hot last night I would have enjoyed it but it was just too damn hot.

Damn I'm still tired, hard to put down coherent thought so I'll probably update later with more detail and togetherness. I had a good show yesterday, me and Chris did banter quite well toether, and the two mic setup worked very well. I mixed while he layed on my bed and read journals. Meks djing sound boring but ... Ok, must go and eat something, I'll write more later.
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