Ner (djner) wrote,

Ms. Marsha

Well, Ms. Marsha is leaving and I'm sorry to see her go. She's been great to have around and very helpful, and even though Philip was amazed that she didn't drive me crazy I wasn't surprised.

Sitting here drinking a cup of tea. I've taken p answering support requests which is quite fun and reasonably easy. Now if I can just get my answers get un screened, we'll be right. Talkwed with Teresa at the CSD, and she's going to try to get me taped materials, I can't handle just sitting at home and doing nothin. She may have to get more conference mics and tape recorders but she's cool with that.

I'm coordinating many Valentine's days over here, hope I can do it, I know I can.

I must say LJ is keeping me going, all your comments, all the things that you say, even meaningless banter has helped me, so keep it coming. More later.

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