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Ner's Random Musings on a life of interesting insights

a world of interesting factoids about nothing and everything

August 31st, 2003

(no subject) @ 11:20 pm

I can not stress how much live journal has helped me get to know people and make new friends. Its amazing that one simple thing that I started back in December that I thought would not lead me very far but just would lead me to a accurate record could spiral into something that some people read religiously and others I just meet randomly.

I spent most of the time with controlg and sgenlaiche and a few other random people which I will mention as I tell the tale of the day. I went to Brough today after talking to chris and trying to fnd out where sgenlaiche lived and how we could tell her when we were actually going to Brough. It wasn't an easy task but Chris remembered where she actually lived so he ran down there and retrieved her while I talked to jumpingjuniper on the phone and sorted out a few amazingly cool things on the phone. We (me and Fiona) went to Brough and met the new crew after getting a depressing brunch.

I met Kyle a cool guy, and Dyllan, a non cool guy today at breakfast. Kyle was the quiet one, the one who just kind of hangs in the shadows. He's always ready to throw forth a whitty comment that fits the times so well for some odd reason. Dillan on the other hand is a 32 year old freshman computer science major. This isn't a problem (its good to have people who go back to cchool at times, but he's got some social issues. He also likes to stick around us and its almost to the point of stalking.

He hung with us after breakfast, coming to both Chris and my rooms to see where we lived. Not a problem. The issue came until later when we had planned to get pizza for dinner. The four of us, Dillan excluded, wanted to have pizza but didn't realize that we all had this abhorent freaky vibe feeling about Dillan.

Arranging a group of people to get pizza sometimes can be like rrranging a U.N. resolution. While we were discussing the logistics on the phone of how we could arrange things so the four of us could come over here and such, I got a knock on my door. Some how, Dillan got into Gregson, which is supposed to be secured, and just showed up. Normally, you should wait by the door to be let in calling the people you are seeing. Well, Dillan just shows up at my door of my room wanting to know whats up.

Must have fast thinking, must think, I say to myself. So all of us decided we'd have to do some fast talking and invent some stories so we'd be somehow mysteriously unavailable to have pizza. Adam, our fraternity president, suddenly had to see me about a database thing. Sgenraiche had to meet another one of her friends who was drowning in a sea of tears about a break up. But this took time. While they planned in another room, I sat in the room alone with Dillan who hummed incessantly to himself and started doing Bevis and Butthead impressions out of the blue.

To my very disjointed comments on the phone which were provoked because I coudln't say much but yes or no he remarked, "This is better than drugs man ..." I screqmed internally and tried in vain not to go berserk and kill something or someone.

Finally after about 20 minutes we ditched the wild mad man and had some pizza over here. We then got my dvd player to work and started watching Cowboy Bebop, an anime cartoon. I've never watched anime but it was in fact quite cool.

Sgenlaiche is quite a cool person. Her sense of humour si quite off coloru at times but I think taht's why we all get along with so well. Chris, me, Kyle, and Sgenlaiche seem to clique in some way which has been alien to me until now and hasn't happened in a long long time. Its one thing to read people's thoughts online and in their journals, even talking on the phone is good. However, when you get together in a group, its definitely taking it to another level. I gave Kyle a code for LJ so hopefully he'll be writing soon and starting to join the ranks of cool person in the LJ community. Must study tomorrow but today was splendid. Must stop so I can go to bed. More awesomeness to come

Update: I meant to mention, sgenlaiche likes Celtic music and Gaelic language, how cool is that. We need to start a community for Celtic music, that'd rock.
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Date:August 31st, 2003 09:35 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you found some friends to hang out with.
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Date:September 1st, 2003 07:51 pm (UTC)

A comainn

Tha mi a chiad, a araidh. Chan fhaodar lean.
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Date:September 2nd, 2003 09:38 am (UTC)

Pizza dude?

Ok now i compliment you on your telling of the sotry but you forgot to mention the pizza dude. I will not re-tell the sotry from my point of view from beginning to end as you did so good a job of this but I am afraid that I must add the pizza story to it. Here goes:

After we managed to ditch the Dillan/Dylan guy we sat around laughing over the complicatedness of our plan. Which was made even funnier as the real Adam chose that moment to walk by. So we head back to Noel's room and begin to figure out the pizza. Pizza hut was chosen as it was good and had a student discount, made even better as they forgot to charge us for one pizza. Toppings were decided, money handed to Kyle who was putting it all on his card and in his name and the phone was handed to Kyle.

This is were things went bad. It was at that moment, as if a sign from god, that all four of us seemed to be filled with the sudden idea to bug the pizza guys. BUM BUM BUM! The phone is handed to me and almost immediatly the normal, crazy, science geek is turned into a domb, moronic, blonde sorority girl. And phone is dialed.
"Hello this Pizza Hut, will this be deleivery or take out?"
"Sure ma'm, and what's the name"
"Kyle Fo***."
"Is that Donna, ma'm"
"No, that was Kyle."
This went on for quite some time. Then came teh fun of telling the guy directions to get to where I was. I'll just say the story I told them was I just moved here a few days ago and didn't really know my way around town, yet. We paid by credit card: story here was I was dyslexic with numbers (actually somewhat true). You figure out the rest. I asked the guy if he could bring the pizza exactly to the door, as I was afraid to go outside. This kinda weirded the guy out. The conversation is ended with another dialogue much like the one above.

We all rush outside to meet the pizza at the appointed time and sit for 5 minutes watching the pizza guy try to figure out how to get to the front of Gregson since I kinda forgot to tell him about the BIG PIT!

Long story short, Kyle does not look or talk like I was. The pizza guy was a little perplexed. And we had a great amount of fun at their expense.

Ner's Random Musings on a life of interesting insights

a world of interesting factoids about nothing and everything