Ner (djner) wrote,

crap, crap, crap and more crappy crappiness

The bad word for today is crap. Here's the story.

Statics consists of sitting on class, trying to decipher not only the dude's Chineese accent but also the dude's teaching style, and statics which is hard enough wtihout the dude being a total ass from hell, mroe later about that one. So anyway, they took a quiz in class which I didn't take due to the fact that dude is an ass, and after that quiz he gave the people an oportunity to ask questions in class. No problem, a cool guy raised his hand to ask about a problem about matrices or some crap. Half way through the problem the guy exclaimed as all of us could tell he had gotten the answer finally,

"Crap!!!! I got it."
Everyone basically fell out with laughter because the moment was just that funny and random. Dude, Jong, remained stolid and serious".

"What did you say?" he says in a stern voice.
"Crap!!!!" says student.
"We do not swear in this classroom, I will have to take a point from you because we do not say bad words in class."

"What, Crap isn't a bad word," says student.

"Yes it is, what is your name?" Jong takes out a roster and marks his name in the bok minus 1 point.

"Let this be a warning to all of you, no swear in class, I take points."

We pay for this total shit? We pay to be yelled at, belittled, annoyed and supposedly taught to. What the hell did they find this guy. And he's been teaching for thirty years. /end rant.

I just talked to one of my Alpha Chi Sigma brothers John, and he's very sympathetic. He's around to help me take notes and understand the class basically.

We came to the realization taht yes I know the chancellor, and yes I should call him and see how he can handle this. If I can't get anywhere, me and sgenlaiche will have to dream up some early demise or something.

God I hate stupid and unaccommodating people.

On to other classes. Chemistry was good as usual with plenty of help, analytical lab was quite easy. Iona will do great as lab partner and I know she lives for getting paid while going to class. Circuits worked well. I wish all rporessors were like the circuits guy. He does try so hard to describe such a visual topic as circuits in an auditory fashion, it rocks.

Nothing much going on tonight. Listening to some Ronan Hardyman and trying to calm myself down, seems to be working reasonably. Perhaps another phone conversation is in order later, who knows. Stay cool guys and I'll write more later for sure. Sorry for the haphazard and rantish style of this entry, I just had to get it out.

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