Ner (djner) wrote,

There are some professors that do like to help me out, imagine that. I went to Design class and did the usual economic boringness that is Design, and after class my profressor said "see me upstairs". I didn't know waht this was about.

Apparently, he and his wife last night had fun designing a kit with all kinds of shapes that I can move around to make reactors and different flow diagrams. I had thought of this idea before just not plut it int action. Basically the kit consists of a felt covered pad about two foot square. The pieces are foam and have little velcro bits on the back of them. They kind of stick to the felt, and its really cool because now I can construct a plant diagram without even seeing it. I'm glad his wife had fun sewing because I sure as hell wouldn't do as well at it. I must meet this mysterious Karen and thank her, maybe make her some cookies.

Computer methods is next for the day so after I get done writing this entry I'll probably head over to brough for yet another exciting lunch. After class I"ll come back here and do laundry, and then maybe take a nap, and then get ready to go to Wilson Park for the Alpha Chi Sigma info session, oh funness. I'll make sure and complain about the web page too as its very incomplete and unusable at the moment mostly because of a certain unnamed person's lack of something maybe sanity? I don't know. Whoever does that web page's got to get on the ball because I'm sure that all of our ten billion pledges would for real like to see something done, lol jk Sgenlaiche.

Its a foggy misty gross day outside. The air is cool and soaks through you to the bone. Its not even raining but you get wet, despite having a raincoat on. This weather reminds me of like what it might be like in Ireland or anywhere on the Emerald Isles up that part of the world. More later.

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