Ner (djner) wrote,


Oh darn, I can't check my mail so I don't get the bashing from acb radio program director. Suppose I'll just have to do my show tonight obliviously. And then maybe the mail servers will mysteriously come up at some point. who the hell freaking knows, I suppose I shouldn't have gone on and on in my emails to program director guy but I felt I had to defend myself before the fact. I hope its just seome stupid stupid thingthing where someone complained and I'll just have to send a message like "oh crap, sorry I'll do better next time." or something like that. Who knows, at least some people enjoy my show, maybe. Go bagpipe music.

This morning was another cool one with the mercury falling to 5) degrees. Consequently it was very dewy and reminded me of the one time I went to San Fransisco when I was a kid. It was August then and I swear I froze my ass off. You're only supposed to freeze your ass off in Alaska in June.

Design class was productive as usual and kind of fun. There was a light hearted atmosphere in class with everyone making jokes and it made the time pass by very quickly. If I can get through statics or find a way through it, or a way around it, I should do well this semester. I'm considering finding a correspondence course somewhere possibly in Arizona to take it and then that will count. Hopefully that will all work out and Jong will get his wish, to not have me in his class. I'll gee my wish too, to not have to take his clas. Oh greatness.

Looking forward to the coffee fun tomorrow afternoon with camicizan and controlg. It'll pass time and I hope to meet cool new people.

Well suppose I've run out of things to say so I'll close for a while. More later.

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