Ner (djner) wrote,

apparently I'm a girl, are you?

The day is warm, a perfect day for hanging out, having a great time, and generally jubilation for some, solemness for others. But the nice thing is that it is in fact cool, sunny, and not humid at all. What does this mean, its a perfect day for a game. Not a chess game, not a checkers game, a football game. I'm sure when I enter Common Grounds, a coffee shop On Dixon Street, that there will be chess playing going on and other insightful things, but today's the day where intelligence has 0 boundaries and all that is required is testerone and muscle to succeed.

The campus is teeming with activity today with the fact that its game day which seems to be drawwing quite near. The Arkansas Razorbacks are playing the University of Oklahoma and before I leave for coffee I hope to be able to watch some of the game, hopefully. I'm not too keen on going so I'm glad I did not get tickets as my sister did two weeks ago. There's just so many tourists around that it shatters the usual Saturday solitude which falls so hard on the campus usually. Weekends are generally too quiet. Brough was the usual though, bad, and I wish I had taken Chris and Denna's idea of not going. The barbecue chicken was just WRONG.

Interesting that I've been in school now for two weeks. Its seems like much longer. I don't know exactly why, but it is in fact , it seems impossible, but its true.

I've hooked up my braille display to my computer now so I'll hopefully be able to read my entries and take out some of the spelling mistakes which have plagued me in previous entries. I should go back and read my whole journal some day but I'll have to wait till summer or something just because its so long. I'm noticing that I seem to put the vowell before the consonant like when I say that, I sometimes put taht. The interesting fact is that when I think of writing the word that, and when I write the misspelling of it, its hard to get my brain to process writing taht rather than that. I suppose its the subconscious kicking in.

I'll get to the meaning of the subject later in the musing part of my entry, near the end.

Last night's sho was great. If it is to be my last, at least it was a good one. controlg sgenlaiche and dlambert all came over and we hooked up three mics to the mixer and made it sound totally awesome. My mike lveles were a bit screwy and I hope next week, if there is a next week, I can improve on it some. We spent most of the show laughing enswering messages from people that I hadn't talked to in a while, and generally having a great time. It was also cool to look up various charactaristic Gaelic names for people. Thanks to ruadh_innsean for her help on that one.

I got my analytical chemistry book yesterday. I almost fainted at the mention of the price, $128.08? What the hell are these dudes charging that much for? And, why for a class that's only two hours?

We started a very random group yesterday in the coffee shop and me, chris, and Maggie sat there sipping mochas. Of course, Maggie was eating coffee beans as has been her tradition lately. She's truly a crazy girl. Anyway, moving onward. This guy came in named Steve. Steve's a retired teacher
and spends his days hanging out in the library and gaining knowledge by the truckload by reading, talking to people, discussing. So we sat there in the coffee shop talking about all manner of things. Chris just sat there and we reckoned he works for the Homeland Security force and he was just takingin all of what we were saying in a miniaturized camera implanted in his forward for later reporting to the home office. We decided to meet next friday. Steve's idea is to call ourselves The Eclectics and I think based on the conversation we subplanted ourselves to, its a damn good name.

Ok to the subject. There's a site called the The Gender Genie. I think its a load of crap really but here's how it works. It takes your writing and analyzes it by a random algorithm which is supposedly explained in a New York Times article which I can't get to because it requires registration to view the article. Anyway, you type or paste in writing samples, journal entries, anything into it to see if it matches the pronouns you use and other defining grammar. It returns after some churning and gurgling whether or not it thinks your writing style is female or male. For some reason, my style is always, and I ran several entries through, very female. i've always been a sensitive guy, but am I really that female? Wo dude, very crazy stuff. Doe anyone get male ever, I don't know, I'm too damn female I suppose.

Well, suppose I'll proof this before I send it and then get ready to leeave for Common Grounds. More later.

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