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The night air is chill and crisp, a forshadowing of autumn that is to come very soon now. I think lows are going to be in the lower fifties and highs tomorrow after our refreshing rain will be in the mid seventies, how nice it will be. Me and Helen went to Arsegas, a very cool local coffee shop, and I had to wait for her. Luckily, I realized it was a bit cool, and so ran in to get a sweatshirt. It should be quite cool enough for my Ohio counterparts when they come. I'm starting to get some cool ideas for what to do when they get here, and Helen's going to help me find some cool touristy things to do.

I love it when it rains as the air is always a foggy mist; cool, clear, and refreshing.

I had fun at Arsegas and as usual, drank copious amounts of coffee and had a great time meeting people and talking. I finally got to meet hey_elan and we had a great fun bitching about KXUA and how they suck the big one. We are planning to stage a protest so that we can get good slots and most importantly, get some respect. But I digress. I also saw a guy I had known from the CDC (a now defunct campus organization called the Campus Democracy Collective). He's a bit weird, and he helped to add some randomenss to conversation.

Got back tonight so I thought I'd redo my entry I had started this afternoon and finish yet another update.

I spent most of the afternoon napping and watching the game between the Razorbacks and University of Texas. Apparently Texas was ranked five, and the Razorbacks were unranked. Well, I guess the ranking board needs an adjustment because Arkansas won 38 to 28. Oh how cool!

I missed the second half pretty much because I was so tired. It wsa a bit weird to weave game commentary into my waking dreams.

Yesterday was a very busy day. I don't think I've thought as much as I did yesterday in a long while. It was both refreshing and tiring. I did a lot of design work and some computer methods homework. I even figured out with a computer methods assignment that the problem was flawed and that it has been so for semesters. I now have a new found respect for the chemical engineering department. Apparently my professor wasn't too happy that this problem was screwed up and knowing it was late and no one was around to hear it, he went off in a senseless rant of four letter words about his computer, life, and the problem. He's really really cool.

The motto for this week is "there is no obstacle too big for me". I have to live by this motto, absolutely have to. There's always a way, always some path I can take to overcome my hinderances. With statics for example, there has to be a way to get through it. I wouldn't be here, I wouldn't have made it this far in my degree program without this attitude. My meeting with Dr. Jong will be next Wednesday and I hope by the end of it he realizes that I'm not just going to roll over and go away. He's messed with the wrong guy. Another goal of mine is to stay in one piece, not break anything this semester. I'm about an eighth through this semester, only seven eighth left to go.

Hope everyone else is doing great. Sorry to xbrokenpromises who got accidentally cut from my friends list due to JAWS's stupidity. Lve journal ointerview is going to happen, so I hope I have enough time to edit it all together. More later, sorry for the lack of organization or randomness in this entry. Its hard to find inspiration and good ideas for writings sometimes.

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