Ner (djner) wrote,

very disturbing

There are times when I have to put literal pen to paper and write what I am thinking, write how I feel about certain events or certain things that I watch. It's almost like it's my way of capturing an image for others to see and for me to remember later. Here we go with this one, sorry if I get a bit vocal on this one, it's just too odd.

I've never watched an HBO documentary before. NEver taken the time to watch things such as Gang Bangin in Little Rock or other things like that, but I do know that most HBO documentaries are raw, true to life, and in some cases utterly brutal. I watched one tonight that is apparently in a series. It detailed cannibalism, the eating of human flesh. It went from discussing early cannibalism, say a million years ago, to cannibalism in Figi, to cannibalism of today.

I was truly freaked out. I like Stephen King and other horror authors, mostly Stephen King, but this brought it all home to me, this kind of wrapped it up for me. I don't know how to spell his name, but there lives a man names Issi Sigawa. He is in Japan, and in the mid 1990s, he fell in love with, and killed his lover three months later, he was 28. Piece by piece, he then ate her in the safety of his Paris apartment, out of love he said. He was deemed legally insane by the French officials, and spent time in a mental institution, then was deported to Japan. He is now a free man now, doing advertisement for restaurants and pornographic movies. It disturbs me that first, the interview was so revealing, he described it too well, soo real life. I was drawn in, put in his sick mind, and can't imagine how he feels, how he could love some one so much as to kill her just to get energy from his victims. It also disturbs me that he is free. He says that he will not kill again, but who knows, a man with such mental tendencies you never know.

It's one thing to talk about the airplane survivors in the book Alive who atepeople due to survival, to survive, but to kill another and eat them, that is just wrong. It is disturbing and wrong. I have left out details that are just too disturbing to write hear such as the very descriptive nature that HBO described the cannibalism, if you want to know catch it on a rerun. I will never forget the horrific descriptions, the hallowed tales of this odd man, the trip into his mind. It caused me to take a trip into my mind, caused me to evaluate, to scrutinize humanity as it is today, and I wonder about the world. Wonder if there are, and I know they exist others as odd as Segawa, and wonder if this is the picture of society that is the end-all of savageness in todays world, even more savage than the Iraqis or Usama Ben Laden. I wonder, and I hope this causes you to pause and think, like it made me pause.
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