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Uncles, huricanes, and classes, how do they relate?

Huricane Isabel is in full force along the east coast. I can imagine how I'd fair, I'd be blowing all over the place wondering where Toto is and how I can get to Kansas fast enough.

Also on the slate for today, I get to be an uncle * 3. Aparently it will happen some time today Alaska time, so I'll be sure to update on what *her* name is.

My ear is somewhat plugged up stil but doesn't hurt, its more of an annoyance now. I'm still taking antibiotics or I should say I'm continuing to take antibiotics and hope that it will help me.

I skipped not only statics today but electric circuits because there was a slight snafoo with the cart. So I've been sitting here listening to news reports coming in about the huricane. Suppose I should throw on some pants (I do have clothes on just shorts), and get ready to go to Analytical lab and class. Can't wait. Thanks for all your supportive comments, glad to know people read this journal.
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