Ner (djner) wrote,

The world has just been increased by one. I got a call while at Brough to tell me taht my yet unnamed niece has arrived and is very healthy. She's 7pounds 6 ounces and was born at 3:15 Alaskan time, 6:15 my time. My brother says he'll leave the house for good when they all become teenagers. I feel his pain, it'll be hell over there. I'll have to come up at that time and give him a break so he can like escape into the wilderness. We could get lost or something.

No, I'm very happy that I'm uncle Noel times 3, should make for an interesting Christmas as the uncle tree grows and I have to fork oue for gifts, it'll rock! :P

In other news, today was quite uneventful. Sadly enough I'm getting used to the lab length. Four hours just doesn't seem to last as long for some odd reason I don't know why. Its not that we're having great fun, but the time seems to slip by quickly, call me sick.

... Two hours later ...

I just got off the phone with this guy who I forgot in my delirious state that he was going to call me tonight about broadcasting. He's from Ethiopia and had to deal with lots of language barrier issues + the fact that he's totally new at broadcasting, but we got him hooked up with a stream madness server and all is good. I'm just now tired as hell and I have no idea how I'll do my computer methods tonight which was the plan.

My ear has started to drain a bit which is both good and bad. Good because I think I'm getting better, bad because my hearing kind of sloshes once in a while. As I walk it sounds like I've got a swimming pool rolling around in my ear. I still have to take decongestants, but overall, I think I'm doing better.

Sorry for the rambling of this entry, I'm feeling scattered tonight :(. More later when I'm feeling creative.

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