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Well, I'm sitting in my office skipping statics because I'm trying to get in to be seen at the Health Center on campus, and seen soon. I really appreciate the people who commented on my last entry, glad to know people read these pages :).

Anyway, I woke up with my left ear not hurting, but my winamp sounded weird. I am a very musical person so I notice it and it sounded very odd. My left ear was like tuned a half tone lower than the right ear. I don't know if you've ever heard one of those voice changers where you can change the voice of a person or something but you still hear the original copy of the voice. It almost sounds like a robotic freakizoid. Let me tell you, NPR robot news is quite eye opening at 6 in teh morning. So I was hearng Celtic in this evil chorusy ype tone thing and it was freaking me out. Then I got up and realized that I couldn't hear as good in that left ear. No problem, ear infection, suppose I'll have to get it looked at. Actually it is a problem. I depend on my hearing to get me around. So on the way to the Engineering building to my electric circuits class I swear I was walking in curved lines, not straight ones. I never noticed actually how much I do depend on my navigation skills via hearing as much as I do. I guess I'm batlike or something.

I hope skipping statics isn't held against me in the meeting we will be having tomorrow. I just find the cclass very difficult in the way he teaches it. Its quite crappy. We have a plan though and I'm thankful for that, hopefully, we'll scare Chineese statics dude into submission.

That brings up a funny point about last night and what happened there. As I think I said in my previous entry, we had a pledging ceremony where we get the people that want to become members in and they're officially known as pledges. After that ceremony we went to Haufbrau (spelled incorrectly I'm sure), and I had a huge piece of steak. Before that though we had to wait and wait, typical for large groups. We couldn't figure out why we were waiting until Col. Myers looked over and saw who was sitting there. It was most of the mechanical engineering department, minus Dr. Jong of course, and according to Col. Myers, we couldn't make them leave mostly because the head of the department is crucial to our "plan" and we couldn't piss him off too bad". Apparently, upon going over there (I had to meet the department head you see and suck up a bit), he told us that it was his birthday. This further complicated things because we then really didn't want to piss him off. They finally did leave but not without making comments about our chemicalness and snide remarks about whose a better engineer. Those guy wer very nice though, and I have no idea how they got someone like statics guy whose such an ass to work for them. It takes all types I suppose.

Anyway, the steak was good and the new pledges are quite cool. We have some members nowwhich I'd love to assasinate, but anyway ... I swear some people just need to get less full of themselves. Me and sgenlaiche had to have a bitch session about it when we got back and that was good.
Then I fell on my bed, wrote a short entry and called it a day even though I had heaps of homework to do.

They're currently doing network maintainance down here in this area of the engineering building, so my connection is less than ideal at the moemtn, so I suppose I'll go so I can do a bit of this matlab stuff for computer methods. One thing about ths cold, I can still work my brain even though it does feel like my head is going to explode any moment now and my ear oscillates in very interesting musical ways. Note to self, must write symphony called Symphony of the sick ear No. 1 by Romey. It'd sell millions. More later.

Update: Got an appointment for 1:15 at the health center. Hope they can get me some drugs, drugs could be good.

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