Ner (djner) wrote,

soup is good, unless its what the weather is

It was like walking through extremely cold soup this morning. The fog was low, and all those little drops invaded me. I must wear a sweeatshirt later today for the trip back into campus Chris's comment that he walks to class so its worse ioesn't apply because the movement at 15 miles per hour plus the fog really is a total pain in he ass. Especially when you have shorts and a short sleeved shirt on, oops.

Plans for today include working on this lab report, working on it again, and you guessed it, working on it again. I can't wait. Oh yeah, I get to go to class some time in there and also get to have my exciting meeting with the statics professor, I can't wait!!!

I finally got that entry posted from last week, damn good because it was so long ago in lj time, that I almost forgot the date of it.

So with that said, I've decided to boil some water for tea and am drinking it now. I was amazed that it was only 58 ddegrees outside; it sure seemed cooler. I'll write this afternoon about the statics guy and meeting that will happen. I think I'm ready for it but its sad that he's supposed to help me and I feel like its a full out exam. I've got to be positive about it, and I'm trying, but its not going to be greatly easy. Life isn't greatly easy though so I just have to try to smile. I suppose that's why there's 24 hours in a day right? Interesting that sometimes we try to cram so much into a day and wonder "why isn't there 25 hours in a day" and sometimes we just want to get it all over and wish the day neer happened. I don't know which case it is for me today.

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