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I don't feel great at all tonight which isn't good considering I have to get as much of this lab report done as much as I can. Perhaps I'll find a way to work on it from the lounge in chemical engineering tomorrow where I can print it there hopefully.

I had my first meeting with Jong and I swera if it was Ground Hog day 'd be in the thick of it. Just press rewind, click back to last Wednesday, or think back to what I wrote, and you'll have today. I've explained, and explained and explained how best to teach me, and I'm still explaining. I don't know what to do. I feel like I'm sinking, sinking ever further into the vat of unknowing. I have no ida how I'm going to do this, how I'm going to get through to him that I'm trying. Sgenlaiche was there for the whole two hour meeting, which was supposed to last for 30 minutes. I answered his questions to the best of my knowledge, but didn't do as well because I wasn't able to state the laws and principles completely correctly. After he askwed me questions, he started in on the "how am I going to teach you mantra". Me and Sgenlaiche think that he may be feeling as lost as I am. Here I am, taking his class as a blind person. He has no idea how to teach me, I have no idea how to tell him how to teach me. He's very willing to help meout but it infuriates him that he doesn't have all the answers anymore. What he's tried for 39 years isn't working now, and to top it all off he's pissed off that I'm not only in his class but he has to teach me. There has to be an answer and I won't let this stupid class stop me from getting my degree, it'd be so futile.

Whenever this happens, I stress myself totally out. I am such an achiever, that it frustrates me when I can't do something. So consequently I get migraines and I'm trying to fight the one I think I'm about to have off. I've taken an injection of Imatrex and hopefully that'll do the trick. Must stop thinking of this, its not helping me, arg. Sorry guys, I'll be more upbeat soon, this is yet another obstacle.

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