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I'm going to make this relatively short and won't take the time to spell check it because I have absolutely no energy and the only thing that's keeping me from going straight to bed like everyone's telling me to do is the fact that I need to not forget all that happened yesterday. I'll go into how I feel after I summarize yesterday.

Darleene Hoffman, a famous nuclear chemist, came to speak to us yesterday. It was really drawn out and time consuming but fun. Darleen is so cool and you wouldn't think she helped discover some of the very heavy elements (Super heavy elements). She reminds me of the nicest Grandma you would ever have, I was expecting her to give me milk and cookies and make sure that I put on a coat as we left. You wouldn't think that a one hour lecture would take so much time, but when you have a luncheon, a reception, the lecture, and a thing afterwords, it takes the whole day. We went to the Ozark Brewery and ate a long lunch which was good because I got to miss class. Then I did the statics with Jong which went quite good as well; he is starting to get excited about teaching me so that is good.

Then, we had the reception, free food is good. I got to talk to all kinds of chemistry faculty and also the crazy professor who will talk to us next semester about the fact that the sun is made of iron, not Hydrogen. Totally crazy guy and I am sure that next semester, I'll have plenty to say about him.

After that, we had teh lecture about women and chemistry which lasted an hour, then we went over to Col. Myers, my advisor's house, and had great food that his wife made. She's from Japan and an awesome cook. She's very insistent on getting her way, so Fiona got to run around free through the house. She even got some table scraps :(. She had pretty much the same stuff as we had: barbecue Chineese pork, spring rolls, and deserts. We also had fun socializing.

Then I came back and went to sleep, and that's where the fun started.
At about 2:00 this morning, I woke up with a splitting migraine. I get them quite often especially when I've had lots of activity or stress. I tried an injection, and waited too long to take some Demerol. It was all bad. I started throwing up, al that wonderful dinner gone. I also separate ribs occasionally due to my bone condition and in the whole process of getting sick, I strained myself and now I'm in total agony because of my rib, and weak for lack of fluids and food. I know tomorrow will be hell just because when I do this to my ribs, its always worse the next day. I hope I can breathe by the time Julie and Lindsey get here. I just got back from Brough and upon ending this entry I'm going to go to sleep for a while. I went to part of circuits class but then decided it'd be best to get food / rest so that's why I'm here rather then class. I probably only got 2 hours of sleep last night, I unlike sgenlaiche need uninterrupted sleep. More later.

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