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Welcome to my Celtic Nightclub, anybody want to do a lab report?

I sometimes wonder what these people have up their sleeve when they compose music in the old language of Gaelic and put it to a techno beat, but in going through all of my new music I got last week, I found this group of which I can't spell and I'll have winamp paste in the current music thing. For real though, its Celtic techno like I haven't ever seen before. If I could jig and bump and grind with a Guinness in my hand I would. I only sit with a cup of tea rather than a guinnes so unfortunately, as I'm doing now, I'm digressing.

I have a lab report to do which I keep delaying. I got a lot of it done in my office today on my laptop which does work, most of the time. So now I just have to do that last half of the report which always takes longer. I think its in the same grain as the marathon runner takes; the last leg is always hard to overcome no matter how easy it may seem to an innocent bystander.

I finally got to talk to sunnyblue and plan an actual outting with her. We had a great conversation and she gave me a cool idea for a journal topic I may embark on doing to get people more interested in my writings and just to see what people perceive of how I see the world. The phone that talks I'm getting will have a camera on it. So, basically what I'll do, is totally unknown to me, I'll take random photos of things that I think sound interesting. Then I'll ask you, the reader, to comment on what these photos actually look like and what you think the event was that I was taking the picture of. Then, I'll describe what I was actually doing in the photo, what caused me to take it. Should be fun and mind opening for some, especially since I could actually snap a good photo and not even know it. Megan's right, I could become like a CIA spy or something, me and by camera snapping pictures which might actually be useful. What do you guys think of this idea? Sorry blind people who read this, I'll describe for you too, or we can have the sighted people describe what they see.

Today was good, I think I'm feeling etter, I can actually breathe, and I hope, as I did last night, get a restful nights sleep. Lab was god, I think me and Krystal with a K, my new lab partner, are finally starting to gel. We got done in not a very long time, three hours (which for normal people is actually long but for us useless analytical students its short), and I think we actually got some good results. I got to add and mix nitric acid, and boil it too which was a bit well, interesting. Note to self, don't breathe nitric acid fummes again, you get this overwhelming sneezey/burny feeling in your lungs and nose when you do that. Penny, my lab instructor said "You're not dead, yet." to my comment that I didn't die yet. I love being able to do things though in lab, its so fun.

Finally, I wanted to describe a Gregson Hall phenomenon which not many who actually can see realize.

College students have it all wrong. They have long and boring lab reports, they talk on the phone, they stay up late and hang out in their rooms shut out from the world that's around them. There's a particularly vocal group that has it all right though and they live in a tree just by the entrance of Gregson Hall. Though they are birds and they can fly and we can't, they have many similarities to us college students. They like to eat and though tis always like bugs and disgusting things, I'm sure judging by as much fighting I hear as I pass under their tree about our dinner time, there must be something going on. They aalso are very social and vocal, even though it is when they're heading to roost. They are Purple Martins,a nd when we lived at home in Cabot, AR, they would live in our fireplace. I haven't ever heard as many martins as I did tonight and have over the past few days. It made me think though. It must be cool to have a tree as a dorm and the stars as their personal tv sets. Brough probably couldn't even do as good as the bugs they eat. Anybody want to be a bird?

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