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bikers are weird

Must do work and I'll say that I'm going to keep this short but in true Ner style I'm sure it won't end up being short so I'll just not even say it and waste time saying I won't actually type what I'm saying now. are you confused yet, good! That's the point.

This weekend is an annoying phenomenon in Fayetteville called Bikers Blues and Barbecue. Its all up and down Dixon Street, and that basically means that all hotels are booked, and the street is filled with thousands (an estimated 75000) manly men on their manly man bikes that are I'm sure all souped up. Not sure what they actually do at Bikers Blues and Barbecue but I do know that they snarl up traffic and act like they own the road. I think they also get drunk, listen to music, go to strip clubs and the numerous bars up and down Dixon (included in getting drunk), and I think they also see vendors to buy all kinds of different biker parafanalia; helmets, leather jackets, motors, frames etc. I once went to a biker convention / watched it going on in Sturgis South Dakota but I'm more coherent of it now. I'm glad I'm not down there, too many people I think.

Anyway, moving on. I went to ROTC's with Megan and Mickey and once they found out how the hell to get into the damn building to get me, we had a great dinner. Mickey went to cover a hgi school football game, and Megan and I went over to Barnes and Nobel because we both felt the need to spend more money buying books because well, books are cool damnit. I bought two books, the third book in the Artemis Fowl Series called The Eternity Code, and a book on Celtic History which will be extremely dry but informative I think. I have scanned the Artemis Fow book already and submitted it to bookshare. The scan was kick ass, and I'm sure I'll enjoy reading it. I'm looking forward to teh Celtic book bceause I'll be able to read about the music I listen to all the time and know how their culture and religion worked and what made the Celts tick.

We came back here and petted Fiona and I started my show. Our network sucks, a lot, and therefore it made me have a crappy show. I ended up stopping early because I was apparently breaking up and dropping the stream all the time. CRAPPY! Hopefully the next show will be better.

Today's a nice day. The sun peeked its head out this morning and its warming the air and land. I wouldn't mind sun bathing if it weren't 60 degrees outside. The sun warms my core even though its a bit on the cool side outside.

Tomorrow will be when Julie and Lindsey get here from Ohio. It will be an interesting experience. Its weird for me because I've never had my friends travel 900 miles on my behalf just to see me. I guess that does mean I'm somewhat special. I hope I'm a good host and not too boring, so to prevent me not being that boring while they're here, I need to get these assignments done. All the best.

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