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Just had a call from the fearful duo. They've finally gotten on the road and by now, are travelling southwest from Fort Wayne, Indiana, to Chicago. They'll loop south from there to St. Louis and then through the interior of Missouri and into the rugged Ozarks to Fayetteville. It'll be nice to have new people to hang out with. to lucid42day I got your message. We'll keep them safe over here, no worries. Tell your friend I said hello back :P.

All we can hear now is the rumble of constant motorcycle action. I don't know if they're gearing up their engines just to get around or if they use their testosterone to power the things but its keeping me awake damnit and it needs to stop. A check of hotels seems that they'll all be out of here by tomorrow night s we'll be able to have our town back minus of course, the two wild invaders from the north that are speeding south at this moment.
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