Ner (djner) wrote,

kick ass

In an effort to delay doing this lab report, I'll write a short entry. It cleared up today which is great, no rain = good. I heard from Lindsey and Julie. They were in St. Louis about two hours ago and should be well into Illinois by now. They tell me that next time they are flying out here, I don't blame them.

Lab was stupid and annoying as usual though we had fun. Those labs are just so long and the lab reports are the worst part :(((.

Maggie has my phone right now. Her and an RA who will be unnamed to protect his innocence are out doing duty things. In following with the pictures of people's asses that were taken yesterday, Maggie had the bright idea to continue the trend and take more pictures of people's asses. We've got me, Chris, Raymond, Fiona, and many other random people. We catch them in the act of leaving or coming to various places. Who knows what Maggie will get.

So since I've got this plethra of ass pictures, I will start posting several ones so people who want to see asses can see them and others well, they can skip them. If you're not on the friends list, too bad, only friends get to see the pictures :))))).

Must do this lab report on iodometric titration now. At least I'm back to smiling and I am very thankful for that. To worry is to waste, there's no point. All the best, and may the ass be with you all until I can send these pictures to my computer.

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