Ner (djner) wrote,

I had planned to finish my lab report completely today, then I looked at my data and it totally didn't make sense. Me and Krystal went over a calculation yesterday and in looking at my results, it, just, doesn't, make, sense. Ahhhhhhhhh. So I've written my lab instructor and told her that I totally can't turn this thing in until I talk to Krystal and work it out. Unfortunately, Krystal's not there, and when I call up her voice mail, there's just a squawk for a message, crazy person :). So I left a message, and hopefullyshe'll get back to me ASAP like you guys probably want me to do so I won't talk about my stupid lab report in my journal.

I slept pretty well last night even though I didn't get to sleep at a normal hour like I thought I would, but I guess 11:30 is earlier than 1:30 so ...

I'm going to class, which I'm way behind in, and hopefully this weekend, I'll be able to write some code and do the tables up so that I can actually turn in the three assignments that I'm behind on. Luckily, this teacher, the computer methods teacher is ver understanding and realizes that I've had lots of delays in other classes, so he really doesn't care when I get them done, just that I get them done. I'm pretty knowledgable with computers so all should be well after a few hours of programming.

After that, its Dr. Jong for thirty minutes of crazy funness. At least there's now funding for someone else to teach me, butt the inept people in mechanical engineering haven't ound someone to teach me so though there's craploads of funding out there for me, and no one to teach, I'm still screwed. Its kind of like having thousands of spoons and no forks when you're ready to get stuck into a nice juicy steak. We'll get it hopefully soon.

In other news, my room is appearing to fall apart. So maintainance came in to look at it. The wall on the other side of my shower, which is in my walk in closet, is rotting away and the floor is wet, so they finally got onto getting here to work on my work order I filed weeks ago. Jeff, the cool maintenance guy said with a sm9ile that he thought that Fiona was probably peeing on the floor or something. Poor Fiona she always gets the bad rep treatment. So source found, they're hopefully going to have to come in here and fix the hole in the wall by the shower, and then rip up my closet wall so they can kill the mold and disgusting water damage that's there, then they'll repaint and resurface and all will be like new. I can't wait though I know the paint will probably make me high and sick :(. Its all good though, I think.

Suppose I'll have to go here in a minute. I have leftovers in my fridge that I must eat before I have to head down the hill to Bell for classes. All the best and more later.

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