Ner (djner) wrote,

I must write before I become more incoherent that I already am.

Today has been a very very sad day. The heavens hit the ground, all hearts were pulverized, it was horrible. Wh7y do you ask?

for no reason they lost. Well there was a reason, but it mostly was due to bad officiating and a few bad mistakes by the Arkansas players.

Oh well, life must go on, I suppose. I think there's life outside of football.

I got up this morning to a call from Chris asking if I'd talked to Louis yet. I was thinking, Louis, St. Louis, Louis Louis? He must not be talking about the song could he? But no, he was talking about Louis, the main contractor in charge of the mess along our wonderful sidewalk in front of Gregson. Apparently, the engineer that designed the project screwed up and didn't take into account the phone line and gas line that was under the sidewalk they wanted to escavate. No problem, they just ripped up the sidewalk completely. Luckily, there's no pit to fall into because Louis was nice enough to put up the fence to funnel us across this grassy dirty area. They said that once "the gas company gets out of our way" they'll be done in two months. He was a nice enough guy once I actually met him, but it only fuels Maggie's hatred for engineers. Not all engineers are bad, I swear. I Snapped some photos of the construction site but have no way to get them on the computer yet so hopefully soon we'll get it all worked out.

During the game, I worked on computer methods, and should have assignments 4 and 5 done by tomorrow evening. Me and Hellen (Helen and I for you grammatically pure) worked today on reading analytical chemistry and trying to debug what the hell's wrong with my phone's call waiting service. 20 missed calls from her and lots of listening to top stories on Tell Me over and over again as I tried to test call waiting, we had a trouble ticket filed and nothing solved. Damn GSM. The U.S. should have gotten a clue millennia ago when it came out and used it then.

"Oh with this NEW technology, there will always be bugs."

Give me a break, new technology my ass.

We had a great time dancing to Latin American music she wanted to hear on XM. I even got some cool video clips of it on my phone. For some reason, Fiona got really excited as we danced and started trying to bite me and attack me as I hopped around and sang in Spanish. Fiona really enjoyed the Spanish rap I made her dance with me to. More than anything, it broke up the monotony of the least squares method and ANOVA analysis. God, that test on Monday will suck the big one.

I should continue to get sleep now, then work tomorrow. Still very much not caught up not only in work, but also sleep wise. All the best.

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