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The case of the screwed over Ner

I just got back from the illustrious Center for Students with Disabilities. There job is usually to help, but on some days, they just cause problems. I was to take an analytical chemistry test on statistics. I knew something was going to go totally wrong when I read the test and the number sequence went (1, 2, 3, 5, 7). They don't know how they missed a number or question, or how they missed putting the multiple choice answers on there, but it happened. I got further on, just saying to myself, all will be ok, until I had to use the equations sheet at the back of the test. Papers strewn across the desk due to the fact that they weren't connected to each other in any way, I scrambled to try to understand what these equations meant. I actually know what the hell I'm doing in this class, but when I saw the equation sheet (I almost spelled it shit, wow), I wanted to verify that they had brailled the correctly.

Me: Josh, do you have the equations sheet?
Josh: Uh, hmmm, erm, well I don't think so let me print that one out.

He didn't have a copy of the test beforehand as well, so this didn't surprise me.

Apparently, after finding the sheet, he realized that on his copy, things were cut off. Josh is a math major so he'd be able to read the equations but when half of it is cut off on his sheet, there's no way he can read and verify that they hadn't screwed up again.

My stress level was high, and I was annoyed, and Josh was too because he couldn't help me at all, so we asked to see if they couldn't rebraille the test and see if I couldn't retake it later. Dr. Watts, the person in charge at the moment, said that would be cool. I wanted to get done with this piece of shit damnnit. Sorry had to get it out.

So I guess I'm taking it on Wednesday or something.

The text lab, the people that do my tests, really don't know braille at all. So they press translate and whammo its done. If there are problems, they don't know it until I get in there to take a test to verify what's written.

So continues the craziness of life as ner. At least they're willing to work with me to make things better. It still doesn't make me less stressed.

The rest of things for today are good, but I think I need to lay down, now that I've gotten this all off of my chest, and distress. More when that's done.

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