Ner (djner) wrote,

something to do

Just sitting here eating lunch: A sallad, tomato soup and a Coke, I might add some cheeze its to the lunch but not yet. I think I've figured out what I might be able to do to occupy myself or at least give me something good to think about. I have been thinking about doing a show somewhere on the internet Celtic exclusive, and I am thinking I might write my friend Steve and see what the proceedure might be for joining Acb Radio. Now that TPR is dead, I am thinking that this might give me an outlet to bring Celtic back, as I never had any problems with the ACBRI standards. They've already said that I might be able to come back, but doing this might allow me to be productive and do something besides KXUA stuff which I have yet to do actually, this weekend will be the first one. Hopefully the network will be good, for both projects. I figured out that my wireless network card has an actual external antenna so si why the thing has been dropping on and off all the time. It's much better now. I still don't know what I'll do but I think I'll just have to think a bit more about it and see if I really think I have the time to do both shows, and see how that goes. Who knows, at least it will give me something to do, something to think about. Things are looking up a bit more, more later.

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