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I'm sitting here in the bell engineering center in the student lounge. its a great place. People like to either literally lounge around doing nothing related to work like what I'm doing or they are do work. There are two rooms, the computer center, where I am, and the actual lounge, the place where all the comfortable couches and chairs are. The place reeks of intellectualism, and we think our lounge is the best out of all the engineering lounges, we're all sure of it.

Anyway, my dream. This is why I wanted to get it down, it was hilarious.

For some reason, me and controlg were "studying abroad" in Hawaii. Chris got there first with Raymond and they were all moved into this really nice dorm. I'm not sure why we were studying abroad in Hawaii but anyway. I remember talking to the desk worker as I waited for my mom who came along for another odd reason, to bring in all my stuff from our moving trailer that we somehow drove over from the mainland. The desk worker was telling me all the things that came along with the room, some of which included a tropical fish tank with real live fish, and the ability for anyone to have any type of pet they wanted in their room. For some reason, when Chris came to see me at the desk, a stray student was wondering what that "weird blind guy was doing with that big black dog in the building", its a mystery to me. After talking to this person, wondering about how they fed the fish etc., and her telling me "Yeah, I feed the fish at 2 a.m. every day, no problems, I'll just feed them and you'll sleep right through it." my train of thought mysteriously went from fish in Hawaii to statics. I realized in a fit of amazement that I hadn't registered for classes and that it was so awesome because I could sign up for statics in Hawaii and take it there rather than with Dr. Jong. I was absolutely elated. I whipped out my cel phone (making sure of course that it actually worked in Hawaii) and called Col. Myers to tell him how excited I was. Then I woke up, and reality set in :(. Oh how I wish it were true, tropical fish and all.

Off to do a lab report.

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