Ner (djner) wrote,

another day in the series

So went on another day atoday. I haven't writen in my journal today yet because I really haven't had muhc go on that is worth mentioning today. I spent most of the morning resting/sleeping/watching the news. I ate another exciting lunch, it was actually good (sub sandwich pickles etc.), and then I watched some movies on Cinemax. Harry Potter is always good to watch, though I'd really like to see the second one. I still haven't done that. So I watched the first one, again today. I doubt I'll watch it again in a while, it's getting quite predictable.

I finally finished marking up the Celtic music file, so I'll most likely send that off today. Will work on Newage tonight, and then get a news account so I can continue downloading more music, very important, downloading music. It'll be good to have it all when I get it, it'll rock.

Well not much else to say. I'll be contacting kxua today and make sure that I know everything for Saturday's broadcast. I hope everyone can listen. I'll write something more coherent and thoutful later tonight.

P.S. Meant to mention, I'm trying this new carbonated fruit juice drink, strawberry and watermelon. It's all right, supposed to be all natural, but I still has an aftertaste. So ends the randonm thought entry of the day from ner, peace.

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