Ner (djner) wrote,

the great north

I'm unable to send my stupid notebook to the computer so yet again I'll have to turn this bastard of a lab report in later than I wanted.

Just looked at the weather for Fayetteville, and it shows that I'm not up on world events. My world events include watching news, but I'm also a weather nut. I usually monitor meteorological conditions and forecasts quite often, almost religiously. Weather is exciting to me. Anyway I've been so busy I haven't had the time or the energy to do it until this morning. The highs today are going to be in the mid eighties. No problem, let's all go swimming! Tomorrow however, in true Fayetteville style, we're dropping to highs in the lower to mid fifties and lows in the thirties So Fayetteville dudes, and most of the eastern country for that matter, dust off your heaters, pull out your blankets, clean out your teacups. The winter is coming, and we ain't turnin back till come next March. All that aside I have a boring test to take in computer methods. Before I go though, I still don't want to live in Arizona even though it'll be scores of degrees warmer than it will be here. I'll take clean air and laid southern hospitality any day.

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