Ner (djner) wrote,

Spanish rap rocks

Today's a Spanish Rap day. I have no idea, I just feel like putting on the Spanish rap channel and rockin out dude. No reason in particular. Oh god, now its Spanish techno, make it stop.

Its 41 degrees outside, not weather at all for sitting outside and reading. Tonight it threatens 28 degrees, definitely not good. I'm considering leaving my short beard which I've neglected this week, grow so it'll give me a bit of warmth for tomorrows short ride on the golf cart to Bell. I suppose it could be worse, I could have to walk all the way to class but that high velocity wind on the face at low temperatures like those forecasted makes me cringe.

I'm finishing things up today, that's my plan. I'd like to get some of the programming assignments out of the way and turn in my lab report, among many other things. Amrud and I are going to meet to get a handle on statics crapola later this evening. Until then, I'll be a busy, antisocial, weirdo in here studying like no one has studied before.

On a side note before I leave, welcome to peaceflower who has chosen to brave my writings. It is interesting that I just realized that she had the choice of me versus another guy on a virtual dating game on a crazy, now slightly defunct internet radio program. She made the right choice for as I'm sure you all know, I am one crazy dude. Those were the days.

I now realize that Brough is now open and I should get some food so I'll have good energy to work rather than the caffeine induced jittery energy I have now. Wish me luck for Brough is an experience that will sober the craziest of beings.

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