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Man I love having a journal. Its easy to find out exactly when something actually ahppened and also realize how much time has actually passed since the beginning of the semester.

Remember when I Got his email from the ACB Radio Guy?. Well, finally, almost 2 months later, I got an email back from the guy. I did the following dastardly deeds on m yBirthday broadcast apparently.
  • Didn't play my sponsor spot (oops)

  • Didn't play my three promo spots in the hour that I had. Granted, I was playing a continuous mix of techno at the time and it would ahve been hard to break that to play some promos.

  • and, I supposedly didn't mention the acbri feedback address which I swear I actually did.

Do these complaints seem petty to you guys? Apparently I can defend my actions either by email or voice communication so I sent a message basically appologizing wor what I did and said I wouldn't do it again. I think I'd be amazed if I lost my volunteer position over these small things.

The funny thing was, I didn't get any bad comments on the content of my show, none.

Honestly, if its going to take a guy 2 months to write back to my several messages on the matter, don't you think it'd be better to try getting listeners to listen to the bad things us broadcasters do and send friendly reminders to follow the agreement, ro must we bog ourselves down with stupid things like these. I swear these people, and the organization, never cease to amaze me. I agree that we must have standards in anything we do: all drivers take driving tests to get their licenses and if you get a ticket the first time you do it its a warning just as an example. Honestly, if they have such an issue with me, I might have more listeners doing just my show on my own server once a week than I have now.

If its one thing I hate in the world, its beaurocracy. I guess tis the Democrat in me, but red tape pisses me out to a total max. So I'll end it here.

Note: New guidelines have been put in place for the proper reading of this journal.

To read the page, you must
(1) Contact the journal writer in writing at least (7) seven days prior to reading the journal for prior approval to read within this journa.
(2) If problems occur i.e you don't agree with its content, please refer to section of the Ner code of Content Agreement for Journal writing. In this section, you'll find the proper proceedure for complaining about the content of said journal.
(3) If you have any other problems, please contact me (Ner of Nermart Industries) and a phone conference or email communication can be established. If you have a problem with this, you should refer to the Go To Hell Clause in the Ner Code of Conduct for The Reading of this Journal. Thank you.

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