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keys found

I found my keys. Don't you hate it when you've looked and looked and looked everywhere possible, including your backpack, and on the seventy five thousandth time you looked, you find your keys, in your backpack? At least I have them, and it just gave Maggie and I a chance to practice with Fiona a while.

With all the excitement of losing my keys it was difficult I'm sure to come up with a coherent entry of the bad things that happened yesterady. The very short story is that I've had it with Dr. Jong I won't bore you with the details, but our arguments are poitnless and stupid and I'm over the whole thing. I've started into a process wherein I'll just work with Amrud, turn in all assignments and take all the quizes etc. I'll also, or the plan is, ask him questions if and only if I have them. NOn of this "you don't hve any questions, I ask you some questions". Its inflamatory and annoying to me and I'm not taking it anymore. I don't think he'll like this too much, so we'll see what happens. I'm happy working with Amrud, and I tend to learn stuff, but when I ask a question and come in for general discussion and Jong tells me I have no questions ... I really hae up tight people. I know that they make the world go round, but come on.

On a final before I go to Brough to relax now that I've found my keys. Note to Dr. Jong.

First, fix your damn watch and when I'm only two minutes late, don't say I'm six minutes late. "tell them to not make you late" is not a valid question to pose to the CSD.
and finally, Get a life man, really. You not quite right man.

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