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Thus begins a nother in the endless stream, or not, of journal entries by me. I'm currently writing in notepad in hopes that I can test the ability of the live journal client to import crap, should do fine.

Today was quite a boring day spent mostly resting and researching computer parts. I do believe I'm going to build a system which should be exciting. I know the principals of the job, but I haven't done it completely by myself. I'm going to go and look at computer cases tomorrow and power supplies, so I think I'll get the whole lot rather than putting stuff in the old box. That all depends on how expensive the cases are, but I got this cool check from the uni, my deposit, so I have more money than I thought I had. So, I'll probably go tomorrow and look at getting a power supply, case, fans, cables etc., and a processor, unless I find a better deal somewhere else. I'm thinking of a p4 2.5 ghz processor with either 512 or 1 gb ram.

We watched the Music City Bowl in which the hogs lost quite badly. I slept through tge last bit of it. Minnesota was just too good for us I believe.

I didn't get to talk to Amber today, probably mostly because we were all on the phone / internet most of the day, either that or she was busy. Oh well, hopefully I'll get to talk to her tomorrow, but I should write her an email as it has been a month as of today that we've been together. Doesn't seem that long.

Not much else is going on over her except for the parents continue to be annoying and want me to get ready to go to Fayetteville, i.e. what is there to do until I leave etc. Whatever. We'll see how it goes. More tomorrow.

update: 2:16 am
Can't really sleep due to the fact that I had lots of cups of tea and a nap earlier. Hopefully I'll be able to go to sleep soon. I've continued to look at parts for my computer, it looks really good, and I'm kind of excited that I get to build my own. I think I'll put all but one drive in my desktop and connect the other one via fire wire. Then network the two computers. Who knows, will check that out when I get to the place later today.

Talked to Caryn on msn, it was really good. She's currently looking for new memory for her computer so I helped her with that. Liz and Pat are still there which is a bitch because Sam does not get along with them at all. All there stuff was destroyed in the caravan fire so they had to get other stuff with a crisis payment from Centrelink. I hope everything goes well for them. More later.

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