Ner (djner) wrote,

ShadowVision: day 1 scene 1 movie 1, what and experience

I'm really tired so I'll give a quick summary and sign off and head to bed. The first day of filming ShadowVision was quite cool, quite cool indeed. I'm saying the movie title because apparently it doesn't matter what I say just that I don't tell the whole story befor you've seen it. It starrs Vivian Schilling, someone I had no idea about before. She's cool though, very cool and down to earth.

We arrived on set at about 12, on time. The people all didn't start arriving until like 12:30, late everyone's always late. They were in the ending stages of setting up the camera tracks in the park so that the film camera could move exactly level across the ground. I was very nervous and not looking forward to it because I wasn't sure if Fiona would work for Vivian. I was wrong.

The first scene was basically just walking down a sidewalk. Fiona seemed cool with walking with Vivian, but she kept looking for me behind her. NO problems, for each of our shots, we placed me just outside the field of view of the camera, and she just walked to me. So when you look at the movie and it appears as if Fiona's looking onto the camera, by the miracles of Hollywood and quick thinking, she's actually just looking for me. :). She really liked doing this too because she got food after every time she did it well.

We went from a park, to Old Main lawn, to a street crossing on Dixon, and finally to this lake. Five locations, we filmed, in five hours. Its amazing how fast they can take down and put up all the equipment that they have. Five minutes after shooting, we were on the road ready for the next one.

We even went to Ozark Brewery where we ate and watched the crew set up cameras and film a sequence in which a truck tries to run over a phantom guy. The guy will get edited in by the miracle of Hollywood of course, and that, we filmed after we finished eating. That was the hardest scene for me, because Vivian was asked to cross the street with Fiona. To get her to look straight ahead, I had to be on the other side of the street and I just worried. Chris said he was right there and was watching things, so I shouldn't have worried, but she is my dog, my best friend, and I didn't want anything bad to happen to her.

Chris was a great help as I gave him all the responsibilities of talking to Vivian and the rest of the crew about making things look realistic. We even met Denna as well, and she told Vivian (Holly in the movie) how she'd be a "real" blind girl or how "real" blind girls really act, something me and Chris couldn't do too well.

It was really neat meeting all the people in the crew from camera man to production assistant. They all will work well together, and I'm sure that the 100000 feet of film they plan to shoot will be completely worth it because everyone had fun shooting. Me and the sound guy had a great time talking too and we had even a greater time because we were allowed to be nerds without penalty. They're awesome dudes and I can't wait to continue working with them.

That said though, me and Fiona were ready to come back this evening. It wasn't overly hard doing the many shots we did, I just wore myself out stressing that Fiona was doing ok and not stressing too much. I think she had a good time though, and she got lots of belly rubs and hugs from everyone.

Well, must go. Tomorrow I have to go to class, and then at 2, go to the house where Holly lives, to continue, or finish I should say, the title and credits sequence. The hardest part is over and I think that the rest will be a breeze for Fiona, at least I hope so.

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