Ner (djner) wrote,

I had planned to write yesterday after we got back but was really tired yet again for some odd reason, so I suppose I'm writing today.

I went in today to take my second analytical chemistry test, and it was a disaster. It wasn't done, or they couldn't find or something. I have no idea why, but Dr. King, the director of the organization was not happy at all. So I came back here, not wanting to wait, so I could pack for the trip home.

I did want to write and post some photos about yesterday so here you go.

We started earlier than normal for day two. Its really annoying working for a spontaneous director :), he's willing to call you thirty minutes early and ask if you can ge there thirty minutes before because they were early. No probs. Chris and I actually got there about fifteen minutes before we were supposed to because we had to make sure that transportation found us, but that early call must have really caused a time savings, yeah right.

The location is the V.A. Hospital residential grounds. Its an awesome house apparetly and when all furnished will be neat. Because it is federal property, they had three police officers there to monitor the filming crew, just to make sure that nothing illegal was filmed etc. They also helped the crew stop traffic on the end of the day. They were cool officers.

They had an amazing bit of equipment set up called a jib arm. It is basically a mini crane that can raise up about twenty feet in the air. It apparently has about 100 pieces to put together so I assume that the crew spent lots of time getting it set up, a picture of it is a bit later.

The scene yesterday was Fiona and Vivian walking out of the doors of the house to the bottom of the steps where she had to put the harness on and then walk down the sidewalk. I have no idea how many times she actually did it yesterday, but it must have been twenty. Fiona apparently enjoyed it though because she got lots of belly rubs and extra food, always a bonus. For the longest time, Vivian couldn't even get out of the door because the crane was all screwy and when the operator pressed up on it, the camera went down and vice versa. So everyone had to regroup and they had to fix the workings so the thing actually worked the way it was supposed to.

I took this picture as they got it right.
Vivian and Fiona in the process walking down the steps

Then they had the funny idea that it would be cool to do a shot of me and Chris at the helm of the crane operating the camera because we all know that blind dudes can operate cameras better than their sighted counterparts. I'm not sure where they will put it ut maybe somewhere in the outtakes or something. But here's a picture that I had someone take of the madness.

The real camera guys

The house is really cool. Here's a picture of Chris in front of the house that they're filming.

Here's inside the house along the stairwell. I got camera happy.

And here are my last two pictures of the documentarian Charlie who was in the process of filming for the making of.

In talking to the director, we had a cool idea that Chris and I could actually be in the film as very small characters. I'm not sure when that will happen or what lines we will have, but I'm sure that will be an interesting experience. So I take back my comments about not getting a part in the thing.

It overall was a fun day. I'm glad we'll have a break in the action so I don't have to do anything for a while.

I continue to learn so much with this whole thing. Its hard sometimes to relax and let Fiona go and do her thing as she seems to really be having a good time, but I stil worry about her. I also worry that the school will be upset with me later on, but I feel that without a dog in the picture it wouldn't be the same, so ... I hope I haven't made a huge mistake.

Its not about being on camera, watching the action, or meeting the people, but it is about having real fun, and Chris and I have been doing that.

Oh one final thing, Chris, me, and Charlie, the documentary guy plan to do a film of our own that is filmed not by him, but by Chris and I. Basically we want to see what happens if Charlie gives us the camera for a week. Of course we won't be doing the editing, that's Chralie's job, but it will be interesting to figure out if we can actually film some cool things, very interesting indeed.

Well, must go and head to Brough, great stuff, so I can go to class and get ready to do work. Hopefully I can get caught up in computer methods again and in all my classes over the weekend as I really need to do something soon. The semester is drawing to an abrupt halt for sure. More later from home most likely.

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