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History has been made yet again in collegent football. Arkansas has won after seven overtimes, 71-63 against the University of Kentucky. Seven overtimes usually would be insurmountable I would think. I would think that a team would never be able to tie a game and construct a shoot out synonymous to Tombstone's Okay Coralle. The funny thing is that Arkansas has done this before, two years ago. They haven't just been to an overtime, but they did this once before, seven overtimes, and the outcome is? Arkansas wins! They've now in the past two years played a total of 22 overtime periods and will most likely be the reason for a rewrite of the NCAA overtime rules. Snapping a three game losing streak, we, Arkansas, are not only looking positive because we put a w in the win column but coach Houston Nut has lead his team to yet another Seventh Heaven overtime. Bad for the networks, the adrenaline, the fact that I really should get to bed sometime soon; great for peeking my intterest and waking me up from a slight doze. I am so glad I actually woke up on time, about the beginning of the fourth quarter, as this game is something I would kill not to miss. Seasoned football haters would be forced into television and or a stadium hostage situation. There'd be no way a football hater could be bored from this game.

Oh, and one final thought before I get some sleep or something to drink to calm me down before I forget.

GO HOGS!!!!!


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