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The horror and other backroom deals

I would have written earlier this morning but I have been in the dying throes of cleaning up a major spill in my room, namely the nice hot mocha that I paid $3.50 for earlier from the union. Apparently, the lids from the union don't pass drop tests from desks that are about a half a meter up because the thing ricocheted as it fell from my computer tower, off my keyboard and then nicely on the floor which is where it totally spilled its 20 ounces of caffeinated goodness on my floor. :(((( Luckily, not much made it onto my desk or keyboard so I was able to use about 5 meters of paper towel to sop it up and then douse it with Resolve. Note to self: get a job with Dow, makers of Resolve so I get a free supply. At least the warmth wasn't caused by dog pee this time.

I talked with Dr. King and he tells me of a meeting between him and Dr. Schmidt, head of the mechanical engineering department. He seems to be a pretty cool dude, and very reasonable indeed. But I guess the details can't be revealed to me as to the outcome of the meeting except fo4r to say that "there's a big chance that I might not have to work with my favorite professor ever again". Supposedly Schmidt will meet with the nice guys at chemical engineering today and then I will find out the true outcome of the smoky room meeting that Secret Agent King had. Something tells me that it must have been a colorful and apolitical meeting as Dr. King had interesting things to say about what Jong's boss had to say about him. hehehehehehe.

I must start writing more for sure. Its just hard to write when I have some of the same things to write about and bore people and myself if I find nothing better to do then to read this journal. I guess once I get rid of statics, I'll have to relegate myself to talking about the weather conditions and good books I've read lately.

Speaking of good books, yesterday in class, I finished reading Whale Rider by Witi Ihamaira, a New Zealand author. Now a movie, I figured that I wanted to read it before watching the movie with Lindsey and the cool dudes from Ohio. It was awesome, and I'm sure hearing the sounds of the movie and mixing it with the descriptions that are in the book will make it a neat experience. The book basically centers on a young girl, Kahu, who has the special gift given to her by her ancestors of talking to sea life. Her family does not realize that she has these powers and doesn't want to realize them because she is a girl and "useless to us" as said by her grandfather, but when hundreds of whales beach themselves on the New Zealand coast, she proves them all wrong. Its not been approved for Book share yet, but will be there soon hopefully, and you sighted dudes, buy and read it, its great! Of course if you don't like mythology and fantasy don't read it as its chalk full of it, but the story's ending is superb and the pictures that the author paints filled me with warmth and awe.

In weather and heat news. They voted 5 to 1 yesterday to keep the heat off. "its not cold in our rooms, the temperatures are nice right now". Of course all the people who voted were third floor residents, and because of the laws of physics "heat always rises" they are toasty. But us on the lower floors and corner rooms get screwed because I'd say there's about a ten degree drop in temperature between us and the rest of the building. Next week, when its below freezing, we'll see whose cold. I plan to band together and find people who will vote with me so we can at least get steam started to flow through the pipes as it will take two days for heat to work. Can't these people realize that they don't actually have to use the damn heat and they can just turn it to fan, and no heat? Some people just don't get it.

At the moment, its about 65 degrees outside but with the cold front poised to barge in here tonight, it'll be freezing by dawn. The people who sleep with their windows open on the top floors all must get shot, that's all I have to say.

Well, I suppose I should post this so I can start looking at this computer methods stuff for two hours from now. I hope to write more often now that I'm feeling a bit better and in higher spirits, so get ready!! More later.

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