Ner (djner) wrote,

Its absolutely bucketing down, making me damn glad I went to the union earlier to pick up a sandwich. No Brough for me, ha ha. Its raining so hard that its causing satellite signals to be a bit weaker, not weak enough to block out the signal enough, but enough for dorks like me to notice. I'm about to go down to the lab here in a minute and work on the lab report. I have all the relevant tables, so now all I have to do is type up calculations and a conclusion, and all should be cool and awesome, or something, especially when (1) I'm done with the report for this experimnt, and (2) I'm done with the whole lab in general.

In other news, one of my books I submitted to bookshare, the last Artemis Fowl, got featured for this month. Yet one in a series of ner makes a difference. Finally got Kurzweil ordered so hope I never will move back to my old scanning program. Well, must determine if its raining lightly enough so I can take Fiona out. I'm not worried about me getting wet, but if I take her out when its raining too hard, she takes forever to pick a spot because she's looking for that perfect spot that isn't wet so her ass doesn't get wet. Sure, yeah right Fiona, get a clue. On a final note, I've been getting increasing responsees from people in elevators, just at random, "she's been around a long time", "she looks old" etc. Its quite sad. Of course I know she really isn't, but it brings me to the reality that my Fiona won't be along forever. More later.

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