Ner (djner) wrote,

IT has been so long since I have written and it is only now, the first day of the Thanksgiving break, that I have tme or the motivatino to write. I'm back in Littel Rock, or near there, at home now. It si ok being hom but there's still not as much to do here as there is at my room, mostly because I've got a scanner and computer there that I could be using to get some studying done. NOt that I'd do sutdying, but that's another story.

I haven't been writing mostly because I haven't had much of anything exciting to write. I've just been trying to get caught up enough / feel well enough to come home, and I think I'm kind of there. ON Sunday, I went to the Al Franken and Ben Stein debate at the university. It was great, very lively, and informative. There's nothing like watching two very opnionated and totally oposite of the politic al spectrum people arguing. My friend Neil and I stayed afterwords to get some things signed so I got to meet both of them. Ben Stein wasn't too personal but he was nice, Al Franken was really nice. He really liked Fiona. The whole experience will be one I remember I am sure.

Its been very cold lately in Fayetteville, and its markedly warmer herein central Arkansas. Tonight here it is supposed to rain, and that should be nice. Nice mostly because it won't be 20 degrees at night after the front passes through. Today its just warm and cloudy.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and our plans include eating turkey and travelling/ We are going to Jonesborro to visit and have Thanksgiving with Phillip's family who have become part of our family. Phillip is my sister's boyfriend. I am not sure about this Thanksgiving as I haven't done the Jonesborro thing like the rest of my family has done for two years running because I was in Australia the last two Thanksgivings. Its so weird celebrating it this year, as I remember one Thanksgiving I took a final on the day. Last THanksgiving, I spent with Amber and Caryn and Sam, having Thanksgiving there. It'll be different this year because I won't have to make the whole dinner :). I'm still not sure about tomorrow because I don't know many people there, and so I'm worried. I'm sure it will go fine though.

I have great music though to keep me company. Just procured the new Natalie MacMaster cd, so for next week's show I'll have cool music to play! Natalie is a great Canadian fiddle player that if you enjoy Celtic music, you must check her out. Must go and post this, then veg out with the msic, oh yeah!.

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