Ner (djner) wrote,

stupid university

Woodsplitting behind me, Fayetteville in front of me, I came here to the university hoping I could get some work done without too much heartache.

First woodsplitting. You would think that pulling a lever up and down up and down lots of times wouldn't be too hard? Not the case. My shoulders and neck were quite painful last evening after we got through the whole woodpile. My dad was impressed with my "skills" as it may, and it was cool that he was happy with my work. Its all touch and sound based, so any body whether or not they're sighted or not can do it.

I got up early and actually started to try to get some work done. The mail server as of this morning hadnt started working yet, so I was relegated to doing things that I didn't need notes to do. By midafternoon, the servers were back working so I was happy that I'd be able to do some decent and productive work. Got here about five only to find out that not everything's back up and the residential network, the network in the rooms, is far from being up.

So I guess that if I want to do work I'll have to burn the 40 k of files I actually need onto a cd or put it on a disk, and go from there. Either that, or work down here, something I'm not too keen to do. That said, I must stop procrastinating, must not think about the really weird and sex crazed Christmas music I've been listening to on XM, and must, I repeat must, get this lab report done.

Oh yeah, before I go, construction's worse than when I left. Louis, one of the construction workers, called me, he actually called me on the phone earlier to tell me this, but its still annoying. I guess it has to get worse for it to get better and it has to inconvenience us for a while, but January (the projected completion date) sure can't come any sooner

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