Ner (djner) wrote,

I'm sitting here drinking some tea, considering getting out my XMPCR so I can at least listen to some music while typing but that would involve getting lots of cables out of my suitcase which would be annoying. I might do it later though I wanted to update this as I haven't done so today.

Today I pretty much stayed here and played a new (at least its new for me) computer game that's completely sound based in which you get to drive a tank and blow crap up, very fun let me tell you and stress reducing. I can only imagine the sighted equivalents which have got to be much cooler but hey, these are cool damnit.

My dad also has become even more dorky and picked up a huge Farm Tractor for our huge bit of land (10 acres is a good size). I still can't figure out what he's actually going to do with the tractor but he swears there's "lots I can do". I asked him if this was like his investment in an auction lot of hundreds of Fire Extinguisher Boxes which he couldn't find anyone to buy in their original state and he's now made into flower trellises, and he told me to "shut up dude". He informed us last night that his investment of 83 office phones will "finally pay off". Why you ask? Because the circuit boards are GOLD. Come on dad. And now we have a tractor? Well, at least we can mow the grass on our ten acres and give rides to the nieces, nephews, and grandchildren when they come over.

that's about the excitement for today. I should start thinking of doing some real schoolwork as I doubt I'll be doing any or much iin Ohio because I'm under edict to relax and relax I probably will. So I won't continue to bore and close now, happy early holidays :) though I know I'll write before then.

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