Ner (djner) wrote,

t-1 to Christmas

I think my mom has abandoned the idea of making fudge and Pecan Pralines with Splenda and is now making a new batch just for me :) with real sugar . The other batch yesterday, the pralines especially, hardened to an impenetrable mass, and so when they got home last night, I had to use my chemistry lab knowledge to help soften the stuff. Oh well, new fudge is on the way and Christmas music is on. We even have a Christmas tree scented candle going because we have an artificial tree, and all is good.

I turned on my client today to find more people added me to their friends list. I don't know if I'm the only one who thinks this way, but having people, or knowing that people actually read what I write, actually motivates me to write and chronicle what is going on. Before when I wrote not on a web based journaling system, I could skip a day or two and not worry, now it seems to be something I just do and enjoy. It makes me smile because I have fans and I am fans of people even though I haven't met but 2 or 3% of the people who are on my friends list. Live journal is a wonderful thing. Welcome again, to the new people who are on my friends list. I tend to write a lot but never fear, some are bigger freaks than I and read everything that I write which is ultra scary.

Yesterday I spent the day finishing the book I started by S. M. Stirling called Conquistador. Its a fascinating book about a guy who, by tuning his shortwave radio to a certain frequency, he opens up a North America that has not been touched by white men. Very engaging let me tell you and enjoyable.

Today I have to do a few "get ready for Christmasy things, and that's about it. I hope also to do some baking myself as well.

We have no family here in Arkansas, so tomorrow will be quiet as usual; open presents early, then later, turkey and the trimmings, then play with electronic equipment. Actually probably "play with electronic equipment" should come first! Well, should get to it, all the best and I'll write a Merry Christmas post tomorrow morning. More soon.

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