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welcome to this very new year

2004 isn't as cool as 2003, definitely not. Especially that mathematically speaking it isn't cool. 2003 was a prime numberyou know. I don't know when the next prime number year will be but it'll probably not be for a while. That makes 2004 dorkishly uncool, but it doesn't mean it won't be a wonderful year all round in a non dorky sense. Quite the oposite.

Yet another random thought to set my "lets reflect on the previous year" entries apart from the gaggle of them that's appearing on my friends page and throughout lj. Not that I have to set my entries ahead or away from others entries about their experiences, but my perspective, for what its worth has always been a bit off kilter, a bit skewed, a bit ... well ... special.

This year, I fell to pieces, literally physically and socially. Was put back together, both physically and socially, and am now am in tip top shape both physically and socially :). I have titanium plates in my leg and arm, and a titanium smile which I've garnered from meeting so many new friends at university and on livejournal. You have all given me a renewed confidence in myself and if it weren't for all my lj friends I don't know how I would have gotten through my hardships this year. Earlier in the year, I was supported and loved through my injuries. Amber's steadfast friendship and warm hugs helped me through. Sadly, as love does sometimes, it became not love, but a good friendship, which was good for me, but difficult for Amber. Very understandable. I've been visited by two wonderful girls who found me interesting enough to drive the wiles of the Midwest 14 hours to Arkansas where they realized that yes, this place was interesting, interesting indeed.

Our country has been ravaged by wars, economic hardship, and terrorism. But we've survived.

Through the year, I've had to search within myself, sometimes unsuccessfully, for my true purpose of being. I've dissected, worked over, and examined my belief system and haven't come up with anything of interest, but I hope to continue my search throughout the coming years.

I don't see the point in making new years resolutions as I know that people, including myself have a tendency to break them close to the time they make them.

So consequently, the only resolution I'll make is not to make any resolutions except for that I'll be more confident, positive, and most of all I need to remember that I am a likable guy; yes even by girls :). Thank god the days page doesn't exist anymore.

Enough reflecting, now to talk about tonight before I fall asleep.

We spent most of ti watching the Independence Bowl. Luckily, s compared to last years bowl, Arkansas won this time. the 27-14 victory was a convincing one, and I had a great time watching at least the second half (the first half I kind of slept through). Then, I made one of my stout mochas and I was right to go for the rest of the game and the rest of the evening actually. John and Angie, the people that have come over for many New Years parties we've had here, were here. After the game, we turned on CNN and watched the ball drop live in New York, even though it was 11 pm. We were all tired so we celebrated with the east coast people :). Kelsea says that’s the old people's way of doing things but ... who cares.

My dad, as usual got quite on the tipsy side, though this year he didn't want to put the fireworks in the wine glasses. He just wanted to "dedicate these fireworks to our forefathers". It was quite anticlimactic really when we lit the 200 shot Saturn Missile, because we didn't even get to shoot it from a trash can or in the garage like we've done in more eventful and lively new years celebrations. Oh well, maybe next year.

And now I sit here, writing, thinking, wondering what will come next year. I' not a future teller, a fortune reader or anything like that, but I feel a good year coming on. Happy New Year to All!.

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