Ner (djner) wrote,

coffee time in the snowfields

Though it's cold and snowy outside, we've got a blanket of 6 inches or more outside, but the coffee pot is hot as usually occurs about 5 at the Romey household, and being that schools everywhere are close and the whole state is shut down, I continue my daily sometimes twice daily tradition of bringing my randomness to paper for future chaotic reading by not only me, but you, the reader. I don't know what it is about coffee that helps me write, I don't think it's the caffeine, but maybe it's just the essence of the coffee that keeps me going, always has. I've spent many an hour sitting front of a computer with steaming cup of coffee, as I've come up with many a good idea for an essay or journal entry. Today isn't an exception, though who knows if this entry will be smashing.

As I've said before, the snow flumped down, interesting word but one that leads semblance to what actually it was like, over a two hour period literally. One minute there was nothing, next moment, four inches, next moment six inces. Hence the flumping sound as the huge flakes flew. Fayetteville got there's, I guess we were supposed to get ours.

Forecast models are incertain, but we might have some major issues with ice later on in the week as freezing rain and sleet are forecast. I'll come up with a sound for ice falling from the sky later, but not now, gotta experience it again to remember what that's like. That'll I'm sure shut even more things down including the power, which should be loads of fun.

My dad, being my dad, went into work this morning even though he didn't have to be there until 11. It's a seven mile trek, and he said "I'd drive to the Yukon to get away from these yapping animals." this morning before he left, so I assume he'll make it fine. He works way too much. I must say I'd probably drive to the Yukon to get away from the animals too, Gabby the cat is being annoying and meowing at me every two seconds for some reason, I think she wants to eat or something. I hae a feeling that my dad's next dish might include some cat meat in it but who knows.

Nothing of interest happened yesterday afternoon. We just sat there working on the paper, I continued to read that book, which is missing one page. It would have been a perfect scan with edits of course, but it's missing this one page. I'll stilll approve it though as it doesn't totally screw the story. I'll see if anyone has the book though if they can rescan that page because it'd make the book that much more complete. I sure don't want to buy teh book though just to scan the page.

I bought my scanner yesterday so hope to start scanning lots of books soon! Yay! Well, not much else of interest going on. More later.

Final food for thought though. How cool would an interview between George W and Saddam be? I can picture it now, stupidity versus Insanity on international television and radio. I think George should take him up on his offer, wow that'd be cool!

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